Frequently asked questions

Online Program

What are the programs that you offer online?

For children age 3 to 6 years old, we offer online classes. For children age 18 months to 3 years old, we offer parent/caregiver guided sessions. For more info you may click on the following links: Age 3 to years: 18 months to 3 years:

How can you ensure that my child will stay infront of the monitor whilst the online class is ongoing?

The teachers will try their best to engage the children during our online classes. Unfortunately, we cannot ensure that the child will stay in front of the monitor for the duration of the class. Getting used to the digital platform is a big change for families. Please give your child the opportunity to ease into the routine.

Will you give access to the parent or caregiver so they can also join the class?

No. We want to treat our online class as an actual classroom. In our actual classes, we limit the number of adults in the class so as not to distract the teachers and the students. The parents/caregivers are welcome to sit with their child whilst the classes are ongoing.

Are the online programs offered only for June and July?

Due to the pandemic both our summer program and school year classes are shifted to the digital platform.

What is your method of assessment for the online classes?

There are many forms of assessment used for testing comprehension. During our face to face learning, we asses our students using formative assessment. This is a kind of assessment used to monitor an individual student's progress. We would still use this kind of assessment on our online program and this will be seen by parents on a weekly basis through our online platform. Since we are a Montessori preschool, our assessments are more on OBSERVATIONS of what the child is doing and where he is at.

As we move to the online platform for the COVID season we will introduce outcomes-based assessment. The child will be assessed based on the outcomes outlined in our program goals wherein we follow the Australian Early Learning Framework. Using an outcomes based assessment framework, teachers are able to select and design tasks for their students.

Will you issue a certificate of completion on the conclusion of the program?

Yes we can issue a certificate of completion upon request. Parents may fill out the form from our school's app.

Is this a homeschooling program?

We are not a homeschool provider but we can offer resources that may guide parents or caregivers who want to explore the Montessori pedagogy. Please look at our resources page on the menu tab.

What is the teaching method that you will use in your online classes?

Since we are a Montessori Preschool we will use the Montessori method as the main mode of teaching in our online classes. We are also recognizing the fact that some principles in our Montessori method are challenging to use in the digital platform. In lieu of this, for our online class, we will also utilize a progressive approach where students may develop critical thinking skills.

Do you offer trial classes?

No. The child needs time to adjust to the online platform. The visibility of this adjustment may not be seen during a few days of the trial classes. Please take the time to read our terms and conditions: Preschool: Toddler: Homeschool Learning Supplements:

What if my child is unable to finish the online program or is not responding with the classes?

We will work out the best option for your family so your child will be engaged in our class. However, fees are non-refundable. If you are enrolled for the school year, you may opt to enroll only for term 1 and see how your child will take the classes. Please look into our terms and conditions by placing the link below on your browser. Preschool: Toddler:

What will my child get upon enrolling to your online programs?

We will provide the Montessori and other learning materials. This resources are yours to keep and your child may practice with it at any given time. Please click this link for the program goals: Please look into our terms and conditions by placing the link below on your browser. Preschool: Toddler: Homeschool Learning Supplements:

Can you provide a structure for the online class?

The class is only for an hour and fifteen minutes. We would like to cover as much as we can so as not to shortchange the families. We will start with greetings and arrival song then we will introduce the lesson as a group. Preparation for dismissal will be done 5 minutes before the class ends. More information can be found here:

Will the parents/caregivers receive an outline of what happened in the class?

Parents and caregivers may check our online platform for feedback. This platform will be accessible once the students are enrolled.

What if we are late for the class?

We want to model being on time with our students. The Teacher may lock the class after starting for10 minutes. Please see our terms and conditions:

Is your school DEPED accredited?


Will your school fees change when face to face classes resume?

Yes. The fees will increase for children who will be staying in the school premises for extended hours due to our whole day classes. The fees may also increase depending on the hygiene protocol that needs to be done in school as mandated by the government.

Can Macquarie students/parents/caregivers have any access to the school campus during the closure of face to face classes?

Access will be very limited but possible in certain circumstances. The purpose of the closure is to minimise the risk of infection caused by large groups of people gathering together.

Access is limited to picking up the learning materials. Parents/caregivers are requested to stay outside of our gate whilst waiting. Some families opted to book for a courier service to pick up the materials.

How will I collect the learing materials from the school?

Learning Materials are picked up every friday, from 8 am to 4 pm. Parents/caregivers may also arrange a courier service for this. It is expected that the cost and logistics of transport will be arranged by the parent/caregiver.

Can we pick up the learning materials during the weekend.


Can you provide a sample schedule of the class?

We follow the Montessori method so the schedule of the class depends on where the child is at. E.g. the lesson for the day is learning how to count from 1 to 10 with association of quantity and symbol. The teacher will present the lesson using the Montessori materials and the child will practice using the materials sent to him. The child will have the opportunity to repeat the activity for mastery.

is there a break in between sessions?

Just like in a Montessori classroom the child is free to have a break whenever they want to. The materials are meant for the child to keep so even if the live sessions are done for the day the child may practice at home. Videos and/or notes about the activities are availble in our school app. The parents/caregivers may check on this so they know how to re-present the lesson to the child when needed.

Is there any teacher designed offline activity? Will this be conducted in between or during the online classes? How many (estimated) hours per day?

The Montessori materials are sent home for the children to use and keep. During the live sessions lessons will be presented to the students. The students will have the opportunity to practice using the materials with the teacher during the live session The parent / caregiver is free to watch with the child whilst the lesson is ongoing. If the parent is unable to be with their child during the live session, a summary of what has transpired that day will be in our online recording platform (different from the school app). A video or an article on how the lessons can be reinforced at home are in our school app. The materials may be placed in the child's working environment so the child will have the opportunity to touch the materials throughout the day (offline). Just like in a Montessori classroom the child is free to have unlimited practice with the materials at home. The Montessori activities are designed as open ended and the the repetition of activities will promote mastery.

Slow Internet / Network instability (Any network problem that will unable us to properly attend the online Class) -  Will you be able to make up classes for this or will this  be considered as absent or no show for us?

Please read our terms and conditions

If and when our child is having difficulty coping up with the online classes, will you be conducting a special session?

We have complimetary 30 mins one on one class scheduled fortnightly for children who are having difficulties.

What time does the classes start/end?

Classes are ongoing from 8 am and ends at 4 pm. The time slot that will be given to your child will depend on his abilities at the time. It will also change depending on his development.