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Our Team

Highly Qualified

With the continuous oversight of our founding director, we ensure quality practice of the Montessori pedagogy in all our programs at all levels.


We take pride in having a complete and highly qualified set of teachers who are equipped and trained in the Montessori method of education approach. 

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Kristine Tagle 

Founder and School Directress

Kristine has finished her Master’s Degree in Primary Education from the University of Western Sydney. Her preparations for delivering true and core principles of the Montessori method of teaching included training under the Montessori Teacher Preparation of the US level 0 to 6 years with the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE).

During her time teaching in Australia, she fell in love with the Montessori Pedagogy. Having children of her own, her passion for an effective educational approach is what pushed her to establish Macquarie Preparatory School. She wanted to reach as many children and to take part in the academic development in Philippine education.

She believes that a child-centered educational approach develops the students’ whole well-being and helps them achieve their maximum potential.


Kamyl Ejorcadas

Deputy Head for the Preschool Program

Kamyl has completed the MIA/MACTE certification course level 3 to 6 years for Early Childhood Education at Montessori Teacher Preparation of the US. She also took Professional Educational units at New Era University. Her work experience included a teaching engagement in an international school as a preschool teacher in Creative International School, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Her cheerful and active personality is what helps her connect with the students ensuring their engagement and making them at ease in every learning experience. She became an educator because she believes in the value of education and she wanted to contribute to her students’ lives and guide them during their foundational stage.   

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Charish Perez 

Deputy Head for Infant - Toddler Program

Charish is a trained Montessori teacher Level 0-6 years from MIA/MACTE Montessori Early Childhood Certification Course under the Montessori Teacher Preparation of the US. She is also ranked as top 8 in the regional Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).


She is passionate about teaching and receives immense gratitude from instilling knowledge on children and preparing them to succeed not only in school but in life. Her fun and caring personality helps the children feel secure and at ease which makes them more comfortable in the classroom.