School Year


Our School Year for 2020 to 2021 will start on the 17th of August 

School Terms

starts on: 17 Aug 2020


108,000 PHP annual payment


36,000 PHP for per term payment 


Plus one time payment of 27,000 PHP for the learning materials.   

Class Schedule

75 minutes per session

4 sessions per week

Monday to Thursday

Class Size

4 students per session 

Student Age

3 to 6 years old


Laptop or Personal Computer

Zoom App

Macquarie Preschool's App

Internet Connection 

** It is expected that the child has basic writing and art supplies such as crayons, colored pencil, pencil, paper for writing, glue, scotch tape, masking tape etc. 

What we offer

Access to our online library.

Montessori and learning materials.

Complimentary one on one sessions when needed.

Real-time feedback through our online application. 

Review of lessons through our school's app. 

Terms and Condition

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