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Parent - Infant Montessori  Program

For ages 0 to 2 years

Anchoring on the Montessori Education, the Infant Montessori Program supports the principle that education should begin at birth. Macquarie Preparatory School’s Infant Program is intended to nurture the quick development of the infants as they make their first strides towards independence. The focal point of the program is to help the children in reaching their key development achievements by helping them to build up their psychomotor, fine motor, social and language abilities. Our Montessori trained educators aim to create family associations to sustain and support each child’s unique learning experiences as they develop their intelligence and personality. The materials that are utilized in the Infant Program have been specifically chosen to fulfill the needs of the rapid growth of the infants.

Program Goals 

  • Provide a safe, engaging and sustaining learning condition that advances interest and discovery

  • Cultivate the improvement of language and social abilities through language enhancement exercises

  • Offer opportunities to gain independence

  • Provide opportunities for practical life activities and tasks in elegance and courtesy

  • Introduce Montessori infant materials

  • Cultivate trust in their developing capacities

  • Create hand-eye coordination, visual identification, fine and gross motor skills

  • Offer craftsmanship exercises to support the advancement of imagination and creativity