Welcome to an online guided session with parents / caregivers

School Terms

Term 1: 17 Aug 2020 to 29  Oct 2020

Term 2: 3 Nov 2020 to 26 Feb 2021

Term 3: 1 Mar 2021 to 4 June 2021

Class Size

Individualized Coaching with the parent / caregiver

Class schedule

Tue and Thurs


Tuition Fee: 132,00

Miscellaneous Fee: 15,000

what we offer

Parents/caregivers will taught on how to apply the Montessori principles at home

Montessori materials are included in the tuition.


One year access to our online library. 


Access to our online classroom app for real time feedback and home exercises when needed. 




Terms and Conditions

Laptop or Ipad


Google mail

Google drive

Google photos

Zoom App

Stable internet connection

**Additional materials may be needed. this will be emailed to the caregiver on the weekend before the week will start.