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Macquarie Preparatory School
A Preschool with an authentic Montessori Program


Our mission at Macquarie Preparatory (preschool) School is to mold competent and well-rounded students through the Montessori way of instruction and education. By ensuring they have developed the necessary critical thinking skills and leadership abilities, they will hopefully become distinguished leaders in their field. We are committed to provide and maintain a safe and conducive environment for learning, exploration, and self-development which will further hone our students’ individual talents.


Our Story 

What We’re All About

Our school foundation and history stems from the desire to offer the best quality of preschool education in the country. Anchoring on the principles of Montessori Method of Education, Macquarie (preparatory) Preschool was built by Kristine Tagle, President, and Head of School. Her search for the most effective and complete form of education to aid children during their foundational stage is what led to her mission to establish an educational

Macquarie (preparatory) Preschool School is committed to its students, to reach their maximum capabilities, teaching them core principles and skills to become responsible and caring individuals. Developing the partnership among the home and community, the school stays true to its vision of helping its students to grow and become good citizens of this country.

It is our mission to hone and mold our students into becoming responsible individuals of great minds and character.

Implementing a complete bonafide Montessori Programs, Macquarie Preparatory School reflects its core values through its offering.

Guided by the Montessori Philosophy of Education, we believe that children learn their best by doing things themselves. The children are given the opportunity to learn basic knowledge and develop skills through hands-on experiences. It is our aim to teach them to take responsibility and trust their own ability to think and solve problems independently. We take pride in assuring for a competitive advantage through training the children with a quality standard framework.

We, at Macquarie Preparatory School, commit to joining you, hand in hand, to protect your children’s dreams and to help them strengthen their foundational skills and well-being.