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How to Apply

STEP 1: Book an on-campus tour through our website

Macquarie offers school tours by booking an appointment on the website. We also welcome walk-ins.  This is to show the facilities, allowing families to get a sense of the school's atmosphere and see the classrooms in action.

STEP 2: Book an Assessment

Macquarie requires a student assessment to determine their readiness
for the program and ensure a good fit with the school's educational approach.

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STEP 3: Complete an Online Application Form

Prospective parents and students will be contacted regarding the instructions and requirements for enrollment.

STEP 4: Schedule a day for Interview

The school Directress or Deputy Head may conduct an interview with the prospective
student and parents to learn more about their needs and expectations, and
to answer any questions they may have.

STEP 5: Acceptance

The school will be issuing enrollment letters and offer admission to the student, along with any relevant enrollment materials and instructions for enrolling upon evaluation of the
requirements submitted and the interview.

STEP 6: Enrollment and Onboarding

The final step is usually enrolling the student and completing any necessary 

forms and payments, along with the onboarding to the teachers and the class.

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