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Parent Testimonials

"I love this school"

I love this school. Macquarie Preparatory School was the best decision I made to enroll my daughter. The school is well organized and have all Montessori activities & tools in placed. I always wanted my daughter to learn the “Montessori way” so one can be assured of the Montessori way of learning here. The school also have sectional multiple rooms to keep by daughter & other kids actively engaged with either play, education, activities, sports & even music. The teachers are friendly and professional. The Directress is very hands-on too, always eager to listen & explains thoroughly the things I needed to know and understand. We have built an open relationship to look into ways to help improve my daughters growth.

Overall, the school is friendly safe, nurturing and academically enhanced. I highly recommend Macquarie to any parent who wants a well balanced environment for their child.

Apple Chua

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"Macquarie Preparatory school has exceeded my expectations"

My daughter has been attending Macquarie Preparatory School since she was 23 month old. They do practical life activities such as squeezing an orange, cutting bananas, peeling and slicing egg which is a great way to strengthen the hands to develop the fine motor muscles to prepare them for writing. She also learned how to become independent and responsible by simply doing household chores activities such as cleaning up, washing dishes and laundries.

I am really pleased with how she has advanced and matured. In addition it has always been a pleasure interacting with the teachers, staff.

When it was decided that school would be closed to ensure the safety of the students, due to the corona virus pandemic, l was fearful of how my daughter’s education would be impacted. I am pleased to say Macquarie Preparatory school has exceeded my expectations. Not only have they provided my daughter with daily class materials, they have also provided avenues for their students to display their creativity and have fun together for instance, games, arts and crafts.

My daughter has adjusted well, I am happy she still has access to the valuable teaching materials provided by the school. I would like to thank the teachers and staff at Macquarie Preparatory School I am pleased with all the precautions they have taken and there efforts to provide continued education for the students.

Kathe Santiago - Marcos

Kathe Santiago - Marcos

"Macquarie Preparatory School’s environment of learning taught her how to do things on her own"

My daughter Raakel had been with Macquarie Preparatory School Inc. since she was 3 years old. Her physical, intellectual, emotional and mental development was honed with the help of the teachers and Macquarie’s Montessori method in teaching. Macquarie Preparatory School’s environment of learning taught her how to do things on her own like simple ways of pouring her own water, folding, eating and interacting with other children. Because of the pandemic, they shifted to online teaching and they easily adapted to it by providing materials curated by the teachers which will be used by the students during online classes. The materials are very helpful to grasp the kids attention in online learning.

So thankful for the Principal and Teachers of Macquarie Preparatory School Inc. who are very diligent in teaching young children especially my daughter to be independent, loving and patient.

Hopefully things will be better and the students can go back and experience the Montessori environment at Macquarie Preparatory’s School.

Moira Cabrera-Pacatang

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